Handouts: 2010 Hot Spots Conference

We will post all of the handouts that our faculty provides.  Since Blogger does not handle PDFs well, we will link them those to Google Docs.  Only faculty and attendees will be able to access the Case Reports. In the past, one returns from a conference with all kinds of paper handouts.  Personally, I almost never, or rarely ever, access them.  This experiment, will put the Hot Spots handouts at your fingertips.  It will need to be tweaked, however, and this is only an early attempt and we don't have a huge administrative staff.  DJE

Day 1: Teaching Cases
   David Elpern:  Three Faces of Eve
          The Giant: Factitial Dermatitis of the Face in a 53 yo woman
          Picking on Herself: Neurotic Excoriations in a 23 yo woman
          The Covergirl: Cheilitis in a 26 yo woman
  Cliff Rosendahl:  Glazed Cherry and Footprints.
  Julianne Mann: Three Teaching Cases from OHSU
      1.  A 45 year-old Guatemalan male with a scalp mass
      2. A 49-year old  with an erosive dermatitis and mouth ulcers
      3. Progressive diffuse lymphangiectasias in a 14 year-old girl
Greg Sakamoto:  Large Fungating Tumors- Report of 2 cases
Kevin Mott:  PDT:  A Case Presentation and New Advances

Day 2: Melanoma:  Diagnosis, Rx, Dermoscopy and More
Frank L, Meyskens, Jr., Chao family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UC Irvine
A Molecular Look at  the Classification of Melanoma and its Implications: It’s
Not Just About Sunlight Anymore.
    The ongoing  molecular classification of melanoma and its role in the process of melanomageneis clearly indicates profound differences in the molecular signatures of acral, mucosal, eye, and cutaneous melanomas(two or more types). These observations have profound implications for  understanding the etiology and pathogenesis of melanoma and at least one radical proposal for etiology will be discussed. In the future  approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment  will be altered by our recognition that ”it’s not just about ultraviolet radiation anymore”

Shane Morita: Cutaneous Melanoma Concepts

Day 3:  Informatics and Dr. Bal
Viurginia Tanji:
Dileep Bal, M.D., M.S., M.P.H. District Health Officer  (Kauai)
Talking Story About Asian Pacific Islanders, Cancer Disparities, Health and Social Justice - Do We Just Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk? Outline: This presentation provides an overview of the characteristics of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and the occurrence of cancer disparities among them and the need for social justice to address them.