Case Presentations 2015

1.  58 yo man with Atypical Lymphoid Hyperplasis vs Lymphoma -- Presented by Hamish Dunwoodie

2. Herpes Okealis. Presented by David Elpern

3. Diffuse Normolipemic Plane Xanthoma  -- Presented by Yoon Cohen

4. "Could it be my diet?" A case of Prurigo Pigmentosa -- Presented by Theresa Devere

5. 64 yo man with nodular eruption for diagnosis -- Presented by Henry Foong



2013 Presentations

Hot Spots Faculty 2013
Each year for over a quarter of a century, our Hot Spots Ohana gathers in late August for a long weekend.   Then we disperse like leaves scattered in the wind.  Hiroko Arai shared with us some haiku of her mother's.  As I reviewed her talk, one of them seemed to refer to our annual convocaton.

Note: The large size of many of the files makes it difficult to upload them,  Some, like Dr. Arai's haiku presentation suffer from compression artifacts.

Azahry, Rokea: "You can Crush the flowers...(Egyptian Revolution).
Arai, Hiroko:
Haiku from Fumiko Sakata, a Japanese Surgeon and My Mother
Bettencourt, Miriam
Elpern, David
     Subungual Melanoma
     TIBOLA (Innoculation Eschar)
     Follicular Mucinosis?
Ely, Haines
Gibson, Larry. Here is a link to both of Dr. Gibson's Talks
   The Art of Clnicopathological Correlation
    The Good, the Bad. the Ugly and the Ridiculous
Johnson, Doug
Krey, Krystalee
Pfifferling, John-Henry: Absolute Self-Care
Reizner, George
Shapiro, Robert
Thomas, Brendan
    Case Presentation 1
    Case Presentation 2
    Dermatology Pearls in Paradise
Webster, Michael
Weiner, Robert:  Hospice for the Practicing Physician
Will, Brett


Registrant Comments 2014

H.S. Registrant Unhappy with Gift Bag

2014 Hot Spots Gift Basket



The program will be held at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore. Doug Johnson has negotiated a very favorable rate.  Please reserve your room early, since the block will fill and the special rate will not be available once it does.

TURTLE BAY RESORT - You can call: 1-866-827-5321 for room reservations.  When you do, please let then know you are with the Hot Spots conference.  The rate will be in the neighborhood of $250 depending on if the room is ocean view or not.  We will amend this page when we have the rack rate.

Leave your cell phones, pagers and problems behind and use your time at Turtle Bay to think about your own needs without the pressing demands of caring for others. We hope you can join us and promise you will have a rewarding and memorable experience. Doug Johnson has organized memorable social functions for you and your guests.


36 Hours on Oahu (NY Times, May 22, 2016)

Beyond Oahu’s densely populated south shore, you’ll find a heady mix of rugged natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. This article feature the Turtle Bay Resort and the environs accessible to those who attend Hot Spots on Oahu.

See: 36 Hours on Oahu.

View of ocean from Turtle Bay Resort

Hot Spots Board Meeting

AUGUST 17 - 19, 2012

A Board Meeting